Monday, September 15, 2014

CTMH Team Blog Hop - School Days

 Here I am again, working out of my box on the computer and really trying to get this bloghop mastered!!  I keep trying but this time I have been working so many hours and no internet access at work, so I am a bit late at getting it posted.

Maybe you started here or came from Gretchen's  I hope I don't loose you, but if I do, I am probably lost also!!  I still struggle with the posting of the blog!!!  Someday it will be second nature I guess, but for now I will just keep trying. 

I found this project fun, however I was a bit slow at getting the pictures done for it.  As you know I am a bus driver and every year I try to do something different for my PreSchool kids.  I have 18 kids this year on the bus.  I have taken a picture of them sitting in their seats on the bus and that picture will go at the top of the page where the Lagoon rectangle is.  I have cut out a school bus also to show it was a bus project.  In the bottom right on the Flaxen rectangle will be a picture of the teacher and aide in the class.  I will then put the page in a page protector and the student will take it home to his parents.

I hope you have enjoyed this.  Now you can check out Cheryl's page and continue the adventure!


  1. I'm glad you found some time to have a bit of fun and make this page. Cute school bus! I'm sure you have some great photos to add!

  2. What a sweet keepsake for the parents! The school bus is adorable! Nice job